Anti-Bribery Services

ISO 37001

ISO has developed an international standard to help organizations mitigate the risk bribery and promote ethical business practices. ISO 37001 requires organizations to design and implement an anti-bribery management system appropriate to their specific risk factor.

The requirements specified by ISO 37001 address two key areas:

  • Bribery by the organization, its personnel or business associates for its own gain
  • Bribery of the organization, its personnel or business associates in relation to its activities

ISO 37001 certification enables companies to protect and preserve the integrity of their organization by:

  • Opening the organization to external scrutiny by experienced auditor to test the effectiveness of the anti-bribery program

  • Demonstrating compliance to relevant legislation such as the UK Bribery Act 2010, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-bribery laws, to suppliers, customers and other third parties, showing the company's efforts to continually monitor and assess the level of maturity of their Compliance Program.

  • Reducing the risk of financial and reputational damage caused by bribery

Through our partnership with MSECB, an ISO certification body, accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) in the USA, STEER is uniquely qualified to audit anti-bribery management systems globally.


Our ISO 37001 auditors

STEER Partners are certified Lead Implementers and certified Lead Auditors with Master distinction, through the global certification body PECB.


Certified Audit and Certified Training Services

Through our business partnership with MSECB and PECB, we offer the following certified training and certified audit services:

1. ISO 37001 Certified Lead Implementer training course (click here for more details)

2. ISO 37001 Certified Lead Auditor training course (click here for more details)

3. ISO 37001 Pre-audits and Certification Audits for corporations/governments worldwide

STEER also offers web-based training where our instructor presents the training course live online, and is available to answer questions and provide support